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Problem #1:  Leads!! You need to generate leads quickly. What to do? Creating a white paper fast tracks your lead generation. Properly implemented, you can start generating high-quality leads in three weeks or less.

Problem #2: Youíre reading your favorite industry trade journal and you see:

        Stories about your competitors

        No articles about your technology or a customerís use of your product or service

Problem #3: You donít have a writer who can:

        Pry the story out of your engineers or programmers

        Write it to present your product and/or technologyís optimum benefits

        Get it placed in one of your most important trade journals

What if you were publishing white papers and articles regularly? 

        Your customersí ears perk up when they hear your companyís name.

        You motivate your sales team by giving them the best sales tools Ė customer by-lined case studies, technology articles and white papers.

        You leverage the content into a cost-effective high quality lead generation program!

How to solve the problem: 

Build a bridge to your prospects with a steady stream of white papers, articles, and case studies.  And for an added kick, make sure they all feature the key words you use on your website to boost your search engine position.

5 Reasons to Pick up the Phone and Call:

1.   Iíve researched, written, and placed over 200 white papers, technology articles, application stories, case studies, and features in leading trade publications for such well-known companies as Allscripts, Motorola, Seiko Instruments and many more. 

2.   Iíve written about a wide variety of technologies including:

        Electronic Health Records

        X-ray Fluorescent Instruments

        Medical Video Equipment

        Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

        Semiconductor Processing

        Electronic Components and Design Implementations


        Hyper-Spectral Imaging

3.   I systematically research, write, and place articles, enriching each one with independent knowledge and/or research.

4.   I offer a low-risk, high-value business relationship.

5.   I build long-term relationships with clients, many lasting a decade or more.