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Client:  AeroVironment (AV)

Continually First - Corporate Identity Brochure

Background:  When AV executives made corporate presentations, they spent the first 40 slides attempting to explain what the company did, losing their audience.  Primarily focused on developing breakthrough technologies, AV has often been featured in headlines around the world for such achievements as the first pedal-powered flight across the English Channel, the first solar-powered aircraft, the winner of the first trans-Australia solar-powered vehicle race, and many more.  The company sought to consolidate their corporate identity into a few brief PowerPoint slides and a companion print piece.  We met a tight time deadline because senior management had been contacted by a major auto parts maker seeking to partner with an innovative company like AV.

Results:  We completed the slide presentation and the brochures several days in advance of the meeting.  The visiting executives sat down in AV's boardroom.  After the first four slides, the CEO of the auto parts manufacturer jumped up and said, "That's just what we're looking for."  They immediately negotiated a joint venture with the CEO of AV .  A few weeks later, the joint venture scheduled an appointment with a major utility in the Midwest.  Again, using the same introductory slides, they quickly obtained an $80 million purchase order.

The brochure was designed in an unusual size, 8.75" (h) x 6.75" (w), when folded.  The tri-fold brochure has 8 total panels:  A front and back cover, two facing inside panels which graphically present AV's business model, and a 4-panel inside spread that uses their solar-powered aircraft as a visual metaphor for their development process.

Front and back covers:  1.5 MB and 2 MB respectively in jpg format


The "first" inside covers with graphic explanation of business model:


The Four Panel Inside Spread:

Client:  Scientific Vision Systems (SVS)

See Dick - Corporate Identity Brochure

Background:  At the time we produced this brochure, SVS was a fledgling distributor in the emerging field of medical video equipment.  The company handled such well-known lines a SONY, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and many more.  The company's sales, although growing were still under $1 million/year.  Dick Wheeler, the president, asked me to produce a company brochure.  Since most distributor brochures are filled with lots of copy that no one reads, we decided to focus on Dick's high integrity, high enthusiasm, customer commitment, and dedication and "show, don't tell."  The company's budget only allowed for two-colors. We used a rich gray to accentuate the background.  Note the warm use of a photo album-like look and a "typewriter-font" purposefully offset on occasion to give the piece a warm, personable feeling. 

Results:  Several months after the initial printing, I met with Dick and he reported that many of his customers or prospects called and requested multiple copies of the brochure to distribute to their friends.  As a result, he asked us to reprint the brochure with no changes as soon as possible.  Within a couple of years, the company had more than quintupled sales, thanks in part to the brochure.

Click to download the jpgs of pages 1-4 of the brochure, respectively: 1.2 MB, 1.8 MB, 1.5 MB, and 2.0 MB



Client:  Seiko Instruments - Scientific Instruments Division (SID)

XRF Sales Brochure

Background:  SID marketed a high-end X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) instrument primarily targeting circuit board manufacturers, gold processors, and other niche quality control-oriented customers.  The complex technology required the sales team to copy reams of scientific reports, magazine articles, etc., highlight limited sections, and repeat the process for each sales call.  They literally made calls with piles of paper over a foot tall. 

SID desired to capture all of their complex technical sales data including quotes from industry experts to complex explanations of their quality algorithms, technology details, etc. and condense it into a 4-color, 8-page brochure.  The purpose of the brochure was to literally be a sales presentation that the sales team and/or reps could go through from beginning explanation of the technology on p. 2 to the various ROI cases to justify the sale on the last page.

Results:  The company was delighted with the resulting 8-page brochure.  They experienced a significant decrease in sales cycle time as a result, eliminated the substantial copying costs in time and materials associated with each sales call, and reordered the complex brochure with no changes a year later. Below is the cover of the brochure.  If you would like to review the other 7 pages, please contact us.

Double-click on the thumbnail below to download the 2.0 MB jpg of the front cover.