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Kyle Lawton, President    peerVue





"Lee helped us to focus our message thanks to the excellent customer satisfaction survey he conducted. The results helped us identify areas where we needed to improve and ways customers were using peerVue that we hadn't known previously. The survey and Lee's suggested direction also helped us to refocus our marketing message, which he then embodied in our new sales collateral. He also wrote and shepherded an editorial article into RT Image that really boosted our exposure. He delivers clear, focused results promptly. I highly recommend his services." - Kyle Lawton
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Software for Radiology Departments to improve quality and communication in healthcare.
Albert Einstein Medical Center - Case Study AlbertEinstein Case Study .pdf 398 KB
Parkland Medical Center - Case Study ParkLand Case Study .pdf 994 KB
duPont Children's Hospital - Case Study duPont Children's Hospital - Case Study .pdf 767 KB
Kristine Perham, Senior Manager, Marketing MoSys "Our team highly values Stein & Associates for its services and contributions. The white papers Lee created have been widely distributed, well received, and have helped position MoSys as a provider of technically credible information."       - Kristine Perham
MoSys Designs & Manufactures Next Generation High Throughput Memory Devices and Protocols for Networking Applications.
Going Serial: Breaking the Billion Accesses Bandwidth Barrier Going Serial White Paper .pdf 7.41 MB
Breaking the 2 Giga Access Barrier: Overcoming Limited      I/O Pin Counts Breaking the 2 Giga Access Barrier .pdf 4.01 MB
The GigaChip Interface: Efficient Board-Level Chip-to-Chip Look-Aside Communication The GigaChip Interface .pdf 6.19 MB
High-Speed Serial Memory Interfaces Going Serial Article for Chip Estimate .docx 484   KB
Overcoming Design Challenges Using PCIe GEN3 PCIe Article .docx 208   KB
Tom Rheineck, President IndigoIDware

"Lee recently completed a key white paper for us. His project research broadened our knowledge base in healthcare and his marketing expertise resulted in a potent white paper that serves as a key marketing tool for our sales team. His work also resulted in a spin-off paper that targets the clinical segment of our market. His work is prompt, thorough and crafted to make exactly the crucial points our prospective customers need to hear. We also used Lee to edit and significantly revise our recent Private Placement Memorandum. His insights and expertise in crafting the marketing section of this document have proven decisive in helping us obtain our next round of financing." - Tom Rheineck

How to End "Post-It Note Passwords" and Make Your Medical Staff Happy Happy Doctors White Paper .docx 84 KB
Randy Frank -- Former Director of Public Relations, ON Semiconductor

"At Motorola and later at ON Semiconductor, Lee Stein was one of my go-to-guys when I needed help for key projects.  At Motorola (now Freescale Semiconductor), he helped us celebrate the sale of the 2 billionth 68HC05 microcontroller with a creative promotion. Lee always came up with a compelling technology story that showed why customers were choosing our products for their applications.  After providing him with the contacts and brief background, I received a finished piece ready for placement and in some cases, he placed the article himself."                   - Randy Frank


ON Semiconductor


The first six articles below were written as a series for the Motorola Advanced Semiconductor Technology Group in Austin, TX. Motorola spun-off ON Semiconductor and I continued to do work for both organizations.  The next three articles were a series on high-speed ECL family of processors and other devices.

Building the IP Ecosystem/by-lined article Building the IP Ecosystem pdf 85 KB
Hard or Soft Virtual Components/by-lined article Hard vs. Soft VC pdf 65 KB
Automated IP Integration: Gaining Cycle Time Advantage/by-lined article IP Integration pdf 74 KB
Implementing Reusable IP: The Repository & The Library/by-lined article IP Library pdf 69 KB
Protecting Virtual Components (Intellectual Property) Protecting VC pdf 57 KB
Reusing IP Blocks Top Ten - Reusing IP pdf 75 KB
ECL for Automated Test Equipment Designers ECL for ATE pdf 95 KB
ECL for Telecom Equipment Designers ECL for TELECOM pdf 68 KB
Rethink Your Next Design in One Gate One Gate pdf 113 KB
Worldwide Packetized Revolution Packetized Revolution pdf 88 KB




Creates and markets integrated Electronic Health Record and related software solutions.

Allscripts/4  EHR Best Practice Awards White Paper

EHR Best Practices


112 KB

Allscripts/by-lined Heritage Valley Health System/ePrescribing HVHS-ePrescribing pdf 71 KB
Green Hills Software

Publisher of Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Strategies to Extend Battery Life in Embedded Systems Optimized Compiler pdf 74 KB
    Run Time Royalties:       To Pay or not to Pay Royalty Free pdf 101 KB
Ada Accelerates Time-to-Market Vision Systems - Ada pdf 79 KB
Other Clients

Ariel - Manufactured ISP Cards for optimized performance

Andigilog - Advanced High Performance Temperature Sensors

ChipData - Supply Chain/Design Chain Management Software

Project Technology - Object-Oriented Automated Design Software Tools

Ariel - Bridging the Digital Divide: Open Systems Fill the Bill Digital Divide pdf 65 KB
Ariel Provides Onboard Network Access for In-Flight Internet Service In-Flight Internet Service pdf 60 KB
Ariel - High Growth ISP Launches in Puerto Rico Net Zero PR pdf 62 KB
ChipData - Design Interoperability Calls on Format Neutral Design Chain Management Interoperability pdf 75 KB
ChipData - PIP 2A9-What it Means PIP 2A9-What it Means pdf 110 KB
Andigilog - System Design Heats Up System Design Heats Up pdf 78 KB
Project Technology - Modeling Accelerates Optical Networking System Development Tellabs pdf 176 KB